Information on your rights and employment conditions whilst supported at Bluegum are contained in the following policies:

             • Workcrew Manual
             • Client Consent Policy
             • Code of Ethics - Bluegum
             • Decision Making Policy
             • Exit Policy
             • Human Rights Policy
             • Individual Needs APolicy
             • Privacy Policy

Other NOSS Policies are available on the Links page. Policies are also available at the NOSS or Bluegum Offices upon request.


If you need additional support during your employment, the following Advocacy Services are available:

                  Nicole Marquis                                                 Dominique Vittori
                 Tas Advocacy                                                 Speakout
                 Shop 8, 216 Charles Street                              59d Amy Road
                 Launceston                                                       Newstead
                 Phone: (03) 6331 0740                                     Phone: (03) 6343 2022


Crew members are encouraged to have input into all aspects of the Service. If you have any comments on policies, suggestions for improvement or contributions to the Newsletter, please contact the Bluegum Manager or the NOSS Office, or use our online contact form.

If you have any complaints about the service, we encourage you to speak to Bluegum Management in the first instance. If you are not satisfied, then speak to one of the General Manager. If you are still not happy, NOSS has a Complaints Policy which you can follow. A Complaints Form is available here.

Other organisations which may help you if you have a Complaint are:

National Disability Services Abuse and Neglect Hotline
Telephone:   1800 880 052

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Telephone:  1800 369 711

Information on working conditions are contained in the Workcrew Manual. All employees are required to adhere to the Bluegum Code of Ethics, Workcrew Manual and NOSS Policies most of which are available to view on this website.  Policies are also available at the NOSS or Bluegum Offices upon request. 

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