NOSS offers supported employment in the form of a community based workcrew called  Bluegum Grounds Maintenance.  Bluegum is an Australian Disability Enterprise predominantly funded by the Department of Social Services.  The workcrew operates from 9.00am to 3.00pm, Monday to Friday and currently employs 25 crew members. 

The crew is engaged in a variety of work including:
        •  commercial grounds maintenance
        •  residential gardeningclose
        •  process work
        •  fencing
        •  clearing and rubbish removal
        •  tree planting
        •  distribution and sale of bark

View our Bluegum brochure.

New crew members

Bluegum employs people with a disability in accordance with the NOSS Entry Policy.

Subject to vacancies, entry is based on the Bluegum entry criteria which are listed below:

(a)     have a disability which is attributable to an intellectual, psychiatric, sensory or physical impairment or a combination of such impairments;
(b)     behave in a manner which does not present a danger to self or others;
(c)     motivation to participate in the workcrew
(d)     health and physical fitness
(e)     be over 18 years of age.

In addition, you will be required to follow the Bluegum rules as set out in the Workcrew Manual.

If you are interested in joining Bluegum, complete our Referral Form, which is available to download or from our office.  Find out more about the work Bluegum carries out  by viewing the Services page, or contact us for more information.

"community access & employment
for people with a disability"